This comprehensive cosmetic dermal filler injection module is conducted onsite (1 day at Ko Academy) aiming to provide in-depth knowledge and injections techniques to ensure participants able to carry out procedure confidently Participants will be taught thorough knowledge of facial anatomy, planes, and injection techniques. This module will ensure participants to be able to carry out comprehensive assessment to determine the most suitable treatment for patients. It is our mission to esure participants will be able to demonstrate a sound knowledge of the procedures, able to utilize injectables safely and manage complications should any arise.

Fee Structure

RM 9,000.00


3 months theoretical course.


Certificate of Completion (CoC) will be provided upon completion.

    1. Foundation: To equip participants with anatomy knowlegde and considerations for different
      areas of treatment.
    2. Assessment: Participants will be taught principle of asssessment and choosing the most suitable
      treatment for patients.
    3. Application: Participants will be able to choose the correct tools and apply different techniques
      for specific areas of treatment.
    4. Management: To ensure participants able to recognize, identify complications early and manage
      them well.
    1. The module consist of aceesibility to our online content, lecture, clinical demonstration, and
      guided hands-on session.
    2. Lectures and clinical demonstration will be conducted in the morning from 9am to 1pm.
    3. Clinical hands-on (guided and supervised by trainers) takes place from 2pm till 5pm (might be
  1. Doctor who is preparing for LCP Aesthetic Medicine board examination.
  2. Doctor who wishes to gain in-depth clinical knowledge on the subject of aesthetic medicine.
  3. General Practitioner who wishes to incorporate medical aesthetic service to their current

All lectures and MCQ examination will be held at KO Academy, located at;
No 26B&28B, Jalan Temoh, 41400 Klang, Selangor.